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Stylus Pen Kuel H10 Series

สี : Sherbet Pink     ราคา : 650 บาท

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Kuel H10 Stylus Pen is a premium stylus specifically designed and optimized for use with the capacitive touch screen.

Kuel H10 Stylus Pen has been designed to maximize the comfortable grip with its two layered surface structure.

It is a very convenient and easy to use stylus pen loved by smartphone/ tablet users everywhere.

  • Compatible with Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Pen tip made with Speical silicon with high polymer abrasion-resistant coating
  • Body Part made with harmless-material-plated brass to offer light weight and Smooth Grip.
  • Gives you Smooth Touch and incredible Abrasion Resistance
  • Ultra Slim Type - Leather Thickness 1/2.5mm
  • Included Strap Plug Can be Plugged into the earpiece port of the iPhone / iPad       Capability of attaching the Kuel H10 onto the iPhone / iPad


Kuel H10 Stylus Pen 1 PC
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