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ฟิล์ม Galaxy S3 Screen Protector Steinheil Ultra Nano Series ไม่รับเปลี่ยนหรือคืนในทุกกรณี

สี : Nano Clear    ราคา : 700 บาท

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SPIGEN SGP Steinheil™ Ultra Nano Screen Protector Film is a high quality film with a hard surface. It protects the LCD screen from scratches and features an advanced optical enhancement layer that improves viewing on LCD screens. The Ultra Nano Series is created to work with the curved screen of the Galaxy S3. The Ultra Nano Series is thinner and more flexible to adhere to the screen of the S3. It is also cut smaller than the screen to prevent any bubbles and lifting from the edges of the screen protector.

SPIGEN SGP Steinheil™ Ultra Nano Clear

SGP Steinheil™ Ultra Nano Clear features an oil-resistant coating that keeps it's surface clean. It protects the LCD screen from scratches and features an advanced optical enhancement layer that improves viewing on LCD screens.

Steinheil™ Ultra Series Screen Protector Films

  • Easy to install / Remove
  • Non-tacky adhesive : Removed easily without leaving residue
  • Cut smaller to prevent bubbling around edges of curved screen
  • Premium Silicon Adhesive : Bubble Free Application
  • Marks and Fingerprints wipe away easily.
  • Anti-UV Rays coated
  • Hard coated for Scratches and Scuffs Proof
  • No Interference with Touch-Screen Responsiveness
  • Base Film Made in Japan
  • Finished in Korea

For those who want oil resistant features without sacrificing clarity:
Steinheil™ Screen Protector Ultra Nano Clear

1. 50 micron thickness

Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear is a PET film with a thickness of 50 micron which provides clear clarity for the display. Ultra Nano Clear is anti-UV ray coated to protect your eyes from UV rays and other harmful electromagnetic rays.

2. Strong adhesive to prevent lifting up around edges

Ultra Nano Clear is made of soft and flexible material that precisely fits the display without lifting up on curved areas of screen. The Galaxy S3 has a downward curve that makes dry PET films bubble even if it is cut smaller. The Nano Clear is cut smaller and thinner to provide more flexibility to adhere to the screen.The premium silicone adhesive reduces air bubbles during application. The adhesive does not damage or leave residue on the screen.

3. Resistance to scratches caused from daily use

Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear is hard coated to protect the screen from scratches caused from daily use.  Also, Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear does not interfere with touch-screen responsiveness.

4. Oleophobic coating : Oil-resistance coating

Steinheil Ultra Nano Clear has an oil-resistant coating to resist smudges caused by oil, cosmetics and other contaminants while providing high clarity for the screen.


** This film is made slightly smaller than the LCD size to avoid bubbling due to the curved glass surface of the Galaxy S3.

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